Although books are my speciality, I have experience editing a wide range of publications and documents. See my Services page for specifics, or contact me if you don’t see what you’re looking for there.



The best way to start is to get in touch with me! Send me a brief email or message with your name, contact info, brief description of your project and what service you need from me, sample or full document, deadline, and any other pertinent information. I will get back to you in a timely manner so that we can continue with the next steps.



The process for our work together will vary depending on what you’re working on and the extent of editing you want or need. No matter what you need, feel free to contact me with questions along the way.

  • Books and e-books: First, you’ll contact me with a short description of your manuscript, word count, genre, the level of editing you expect it needs, a sample, and any other considerations, such as a requested delivery date. If I’m a good fit for your project, I’ll provide a brief explanation of the scope and propose a payment and schedule. If you like what you see, we can start working together. I’ll keep in touch with you throughout the process with status updates, questions, and anything else you need to know. Upon completion, I’ll send it back to you to review and make any necessary changes. Depending on the scope of editing, this back-and-forth process could occur just once or several times until your piece is fully refined and ready for the next step—agent, publisher, designer, your website, or self-published platform.

  • Academic work: Contact me to briefly describe your project, your expected editorial needs, and your timeline or any deadlines. If your project falls within my area of expertise, we’ll come up with a schedule and confirm pricing. For longer works such as dissertations, I will request your completed document or a portion to provide a complimentary sample edit before you commit to anything. After completing my work and ironing out any issues with you along the way, I’ll send it back to you to review and make any necessary changes. The level of editing you require will determine whether I need to see the project again.

  • Business documents, website and marketing copy, research papers, and other documents and publications: Please contact me with a brief description of your project, what level of editing you need, any deadlines, and your document (or sample, if the document is not complete). We’ll create a schedule and confirm fees before I edit the work and return it to you for review.



Every project is different in scope, length, content, and level of editing, so fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the project, your fee may be per project, per word or page, or hourly. All fees will be discussed prior to my taking on the project.

Remember, your project reflects your reputation, so it’s important to entrust it to a professional. Authors and publishers can expect fees comparable to those for freelancers hired by a traditional publishing house.

Rush projects may be subject to an additional fee. When you contact me, please let me know if you need a quick turnaround.



Individuals may pay by PayPal or Stripe. Businesses and publishers may also pay by check. Contact me for a complimentary consultation and estimate. 



Your timeline will depend on the type of document, scope of editing, length of work, and your deadlines. For books and other lengthy documents that require heavy editing, it’s important to build in enough time for both editing and revising/rewriting (often several weeks or even months). My edit will take into account any issues that could be perceived as unprofessional or effect your credibility as a writer, author, business, or organization. I will send your project back to you along with an editorial memo summarizing any issues that will require your careful consideration.



I perform the following types of editing (in order of scope):

  • developmental editing (to address large-scale issues, from organization/structure to plot, characterization, voice, underdeveloped themes and concepts, and more)

  • line editing/content editing (to review content line by line for style, flow, continuity, consistency, structure, formatting, citations and references)

  • copyediting (to check for consistency and correctness of syntax, usage, grammar, semantics, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization as well as fact-checking and cross-checking; some references also refer to this as line editing)

  • proofreading (to fix minor errors in grammar, spelling, and polish the piece before print/publication)

Some people require just a proofread, while others may require several levels of editing. Please check out my Services page for more details on the types of editing that will benefit you. If you aren’t sure exactly what you need, send me a sample for a free editorial consultation.

No matter the type of editing you need, I’ll track all changes and leave comments so you can accept, reject, adjust, or respond as needed.



Yes! I have experience editing with self-published authors who sell their books both online and through traditional avenues and markets. If you’re a first-time self-published author, I can help you through the somewhat foreign process of getting your book edited, ready for publication, and into your readers’ hands!

It’s important to remember that readers will expect your work to meet the same standards as traditionally published work. This means you’ll get some constructive criticism and editorial advice that, should you choose to take it, will result not only in a professional-quality book but a better book in general!

(Note: Although your family and friends can certainly—and should—give some good advice for your manuscript, they usually aren’t knowledgeable or candid enough to substitute for a professional editor’s feedback!)



Yes. If you need a rush project, please contact me with your project information and deadline. Based on my current schedule and the scope of your project, I will be able to determine whether the turnaround time is possible. Please note that rush projects are subject to an additional fee.



No matter what type of document or publication you need edited, it’s important to work with an experienced editor with real credentials. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. You’ve worked hard on your project, and your reputation is too important to risk with a cheap online service that might force you to pay someone else to fix what they missed the first time around. If you’re working on a book, you also need to remember that the editorial quality will help determine how well your book sells and how it’s reviewed.

If you’re an author, I can also help connect you with an interior book designer or cover designer. I know several designers in the publishing industry who’ve worked on big projects and can bring the same level of professionalism to your cover, too. After all, books are judged by their covers, so don’t let a cheesy, amateur cover make readers pass up your work!



If you have a business or company style guide, please follow those guidelines. For book manuscripts and other documents, I recommend Times New Roman, 12 point font. Lines should be double spaced, and all chapters should start on a new page using the page break function. Do not double space after periods. These guidelines will save both of us a lot of time.

Some self-publishing platforms provide specific advice on formatting, while built-in styles (such as those in Word) are acceptable as well.

I work in Word, Pages, and Google Docs using track changes, suggesting, and comments features.


If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m eager to help you!